Kandivali (W) Mumbai 401101
Handmade Jewelry, Beads Necklace
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Aallegory: Handmade jewelry designer in Kandivali, Mumbai


Aallegory is a fine and fashion jewelry house founded in 2014 that is modernizing the industry by allying innovative design and exceptional craftsmanship.
Aallegory creations are hand-touched pieces of art that are fashioned from reliably sourced exquisite beads and stones. From the delicate luxury of fine handmade
pieces to the architectural boldness of our Statement Collection, Aallegory creates sophisticated designs of unique artistry.

The designer was born and raised in India where her artistry was nurtured in a vibrant and assorted environment, rich with culture and inspiration. She studied fashion & jewelry in India, and graduated with a BAH from England University. While pursuing her dreams she took jobs as a freelance fashion stylish and creative director. Having a strong passion for art, she is truly an imaginative soul, who wanted her designs to have an remarkable impression showcasing the elements of her creativity through her jewelry line, “Aallegory” means, the illustration of conceptual ideas. The brand offers striking collection at a very inexpensive cost. We believe that people should be able to enjoy beautiful pieces
of jewelry without having an ample expend.

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Owner Profile
Name: Nisha Gupta
PIN Code: 401101
Address: Kandivali (W), Mumbai