Selling Fees on VDealX.Com

Can I upload product directly on VDealX ?
Yes, Approved Seller can directly upload their products on VDealX.Com and can change information like product details, price, picture whenever they want.

But, VDealX.Com help first time user to upload their products and set rightly, because VDealX does not allow uploading inappropriate, incomplete information, so to maintain the quality for products information we keep the direct upload features disable for new seller for the first time.
Uploading / Insertion Fees:
This Charged when you list your item on VDealX.Com depending on the listing duration. You'll be charged this even if your item doesn't sell.

VDealX.Com will charge 1 Rs to 5 Rs per item / per week, depending on your products the fees will be decided by VDealX Agent.

VDealX.Com charge this money, because they process your products pictures, make them best compatible for web viewers. Also set up the best keywords for your products, so they reach to the intended potential buyers though various search engines.
VDealX Commission Fee (VCF):
VCF is charged only when your item gets sold.

VDealX.Com will charge 5% to 25%, depending on your products, this will be decided by VDealX Agent.
VDealX Transaction Fee (VTF):
VTF is charged only when your item gets sold, this Fees are actually paid to our secure payment partners (like PayU etc.)